In Memoriam: The Workers Dreadnought Blog (13/12/2008 – 5/4/2016)

I have been running this blog intermittently over the past 7 years. During that time I have produced just 1 entry shy of 150 entries, but the truth is between my job and my life I simply do not have any time to run this blog, at least not now. Does this mean that I am abandoning Marxist politics and theory etc.? No. It just means that I am exploring other venues to think through the questions that have animated this blog. Thus, those of you who know me in life outside of the internet will know that I still am organising – albeit with lesser frequency – spaces in which some of these questions will be explored, including a roundtable on the works of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya and on the rise of fascism in contemporary India. Indeed, with the incredibly limited time and energy I do have, I would prefer to dedicate it to these other activities than the blog.

Furthermore, I continue to read in my spare time the syllabus on the ‘crisis of Marxism,’ which I now realise was in fact on the capitalist state and socialist strategy. Unfortunately, I did not even have sufficient time to read the materials on the syllabus on the Canadian social formation and organise the regularly meeting accompanying study group, and that has fallen by the wayside. However, I continue to take daily notes on the ‘crisis of Marxism’ study materials and am currently reading Christine Buci-Glucksmann’s Gramsci and the State, but prefer to take and think through those notes in a less public forum than this blog. I am even starting to plan and map out my next study course which will be on the history of Ancient Greece and the Roman Republic/Empire, and Classical Political Theory. In effect, I continue to study and act but in a very different vein than before.

So I just wanted to announce that there will be no new entries on the blog and it is effectively dead. Does this mean that this blog may not, like Jesus, be resurrected? It is possible that in the future I will have the time and energy to restart the blog. I have very much enjoyed the discussions and debates I have had with numerous different comrades over the years and would like to thank you all for being a part of this.

Lal Salaam.

The Workers Dreadnought


2 thoughts on “In Memoriam: The Workers Dreadnought Blog (13/12/2008 – 5/4/2016)

  1. I didn’t start reading this blog until the last year or so of its running, but our brief conversations and my other interactions with your blog have been challenging and nourishing. I’ll try to carry some of your dogged pursuit of truth in my own writing. Salute.

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