The Workers’ Dreadnought in the New Year and a Comment on “Robert”

As you all know, it has been several months since I posted any new material on this blog. This has been because of the demands placed on me by other, more important, responsibilities in my life and the amount of time that this blog consumes any given day. However, one or two friends have recently asked that I restart the blog once again because they felt like there was something useful to be found in my entries. Thus, in the New Year I will begin to write  some new entries for the Workers’ Dreadnought. What the exact content matter will be, I am not sure, however, I am fairly certain that it will be much of the same. The blog will not try to be as regular as it once tried to be with posts every 3-4 days, but rather, will attempt to come out once a week.

Now having said that, I would like to address an issue that has been bothering me for a while. I know that with all of the limitations that this blog has, especially my incredibly poor writing style, that it must seem to my limited and incredibly small readership that I put no effort into this blog. Nothing could be further from the truth. I try to write articles that are thought-provoking and are a snapshot of my thinking at any given time, and this takes a lot of time. However, in the past few months, a certain “Robert” has been impersonating someone else in the ICM in order to to ridicule the RCP,USA, and in turn has been ridiculing the intellectual effort that goes into this blog. As all of you know, I have my differences with the RCP,USA, however, I think it is incredibly saddening, angering, disgusting and unprincipled that someone would a) impersonate someone else in the international communist movement to simply make light of that person’s political affiliation and ideology (indeed, this is wrecker behaviour to say the least); b) would seek to ridicule the RCP,USA and their ideas in such a unthoughtful manner (it demonstrates a level of buffoonery that one would expect from a child); and c) would engage in behaviour that is completely antithetical to the manner in which this blog is run. This blog, and I, often resist from the polemical (although this is not always the case) diatribes that can be found on many other blogs and tries to really delve into the issues and problems facing the contemporary ICM, and this includes the “New Synthesis”. I think that the person who has done this, and who may think that this is a “joke”, should apologise.

Anyways, since I do not want to leave this on a sour note. I will be disclose the first topic of the new year:  it will be on a new Swedish revolutionary organization that has been founded called “October Movement”.


3 thoughts on “The Workers’ Dreadnought in the New Year and a Comment on “Robert”

  1. Well, I hope you do decide to keep posting things. I wouldn’t get too worked up over trolls, they’re everywhere.

  2. trolls are everywhere comrade. However, there is something about Bob Avakian, i dont know what exactly, that kind of invites ridicule. Impersonating another person is wrong however. keep up the blog, the articles are interesting. check this out on youtube

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