Communist Workers’ Union (MLM): “We Face an Onslaught of Centrism”

Ever since I posted Maoist Road Issue 1 I have been looking for statements regarding these attempts to unify Marxist-Leninist-Maoists in a single organization, especially after noting that several parties had been excluded from the last International Seminar organized by Maoist Road magazine. Comrade Paolo Babini thus directed me and other readers to a statement that was read by a delegation of the (n)Communist Party of Italy at the International Seminar despite the fact that they had been not invited to participate. Now I have found, using google translator, another body of critiques of recent attempts to reconstruct the RIM on the excellent Spanish-language blogs, Dazibao Rojo (a blog run by someone or some people that are affiliated to the Comité de loita popular “Manolo Bello” (Galicia, Spain), CLP) and Odio de Clase (run by a Maoist collective of the name same).

The critiques are principally by two Latin American parties, the Communist Workers’ Union (MLM) of Colombia [UOC(MLM)] and the Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun (CPE-RS), both of whom have been inspired by the the revolutionary experience of the Communist Party of Peru (better known as the Shining Path or PCP). The UOC(MLM) must be differentiated from the pro-New Synthesis organization, the Revolutionary Communist Group of Colombia, as both organizations seem to have been started at different times. Both organizations were close to the RIM and wanted to build a Maoist Party in Colombia (if anyone knows any more information about efforts to build a Maoist movement in Colombia and the relationship between these two Colombian organizations please do write in the comments and educate us all, trust me, we would all be deeply grateful). Both the UOC(MLM) and the PCE-RS agree with Maoist Road magazine that the legacy of the RIM must be defended and that the main struggle today within the ICM is against revisionism, whether it be of the post-Maoist variety a la the ‘New Synthesis’ or ‘Prachanda Path’, and that the RIM must be revived on a clearly Maoist foundation (I  assume that they further include the RIM’s position on the “peace accords”, that were supposedly agreed to by Chairman Gonzalo of the PCP, as another manifestation of this revisionism). Indeed, they too direct attention to the two statements by the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan against the ‘New Synthesis’. However, they differ in two significant aspects from the organizations involved in the International Seminar organized by Maoist Road: 1) the CPE-RS and the UOC(MLM), and also presumably the PCP, have argued that any future RIM organization must exclude the UCPN(Maoist) en toto as all the different factions within that organization are all in fact revisionist, having all supported the idea of “Prachanda Path” at different points in the recent history of the Party and their acceptance of the comprehensive peace accords in 2006; and 2) that a second danger lurks in a form of “centrism” which accommodates relationships with such revisionist organizations. The key Party that this allegation is directed against is the PCm Italy, who have been a leading force behind the Maoist Road magazine and the May 1st statement that was signed by several Maoist parties around the world including the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the UCPN(Maoist), the RCP(Canada) and many others. I have attached below the recent statement from the UOC(MLM) below so that all of you can read their arguments for yourselves. I must apologize for the poor quality of the translation provided below of the statement by the UOC(MLM) however, this is the best that google translator could spit out and I definitely do not know a word of Spanish (if someone has a better translation please tell me so that I can post it).

I must agree with the comrades from the CLP from Galicia, Spain that such a position is incorrect as it overlooks the red fraction within the UCPN(Maoist) and underestimates the international solidarity and support that must be given to this fraction by Maoist parties all over the world. Furthermore, they (the UOC(MLM)) does not look at the ebbs and flows in the two-line struggle and are calling for a premature split in the UCPN(Maoist). Indeed, the ignore the fact that a split cannot simply be an act of bravado or anger, rather, it must be a moment that is carefully planned around a clearly established series of issues. It must be done in a manner that clarifies issues for the greatest section of members, including those in the PLA, so that when the opportune time for a split occurs, a majority of the Party will be won over to the revolutionary line. The international line-struggle necessary to construct a new embryonic core for Maoist forces around the world seems to be fraught with more difficulties and hurdles than ever, and it looks like we are all in for a protracted ideological struggle in the coming years. Indeed, it is incumbent on all of us to not only build Maoist parties in our respective countries, but also to sharpen our ideological capacities so that we can all be fully involved in the ideological struggle that is but beginning. Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom and Compete!

Forward in the Struggle for the Communist International! Relentlessly combat revisionism!

The advanced state of agony of imperialism has intensified all the contradictions that will lead you to your grave. The global economic crisis accelerates decomposition, accentuates and exacerbates its moribund state as could all its contradictions, powerfully reinforcing the main trend of the times: the World Proletarian Revolution. The weakness of this trend lies in the impotence and dispersion forces conscious proletariat, in the absence of the Communist International of new type, who directs the powerful forces of the revolution the triumph of socialism throughout the land.

As an inevitable consequence of the state of agony of capitalism and the imperialist claim to help him and prolong his existence, came revisionism masquerading as Prachanda, whose theories of Marxism-Leninism Maoism development conducted in the year 2006 to the betrayal of the New Democratic Revolution in Nepal and ideological bankruptcy, political and organizational Revolutionary Internationalist Movement – MRI, considered until then as the embryonic center of the Communist International. Events that caused a stir in the international communist movement and fueled the fight constrained in the secret meetings of the MRI, where new theories were incubated revisionists. Revisionism Prachanda, who considered unbeatable and decided to bow to imperialism subservient to him, he called to abandon the idea of the proletarian revolution to lift the outdated and worn flags bourgeois peace, democracy and the reorganization of the old reactionary state, was erected well as the main enemy for the unity of the International Communist Movement.

Communist Workers’ Union (Marxist Leninist Maoist) – UOC (MLM) on the basis of defending the role played by MRI and in combat revisionism and betrayal Prachanda in Nepal, called the Communists of all countries and proposed work for the convening of a New International Conference of Marxist Leninist Maoists, that would take a step forward in the International Building, advance the development of the General Line of the International Communist Movement in Defense of Marxism Leninism Maoism the historical experience of our movement, the creative application of Marxism to the problems and contradictions of the current situation of imperialism, the labor movement and provide a revolutionary center.

The fight displayed by the Marxist-Leninist Maoists in different countries, both from within, but mainly outside the MRI, destroyed the rotten theories on the supposed invincibility Prachanda imperialism, “global state of U.S. imperialism” and the supposed impossibility of revolutionary triumph ; bare his defense of the dictatorship of the exploiters, the “century democracy21 “ and defended the validity of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, exposed and denounced his peace deals with imperialism and the reactionary classes Nepalese as treason, prevented his revisionist platform was adopted by the international communist movement as its base unit, in addition to isolating Marxist Leninist Maoists, likewise, began fighting the “new” theories advanced by the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA – RCP, with the idea that the U.S. had remained as the sole hegemonic superpower and questions the dictatorship of the proletariat (the alleged inability of the armed masses to exercise absolute power), it served to support the revisionist Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). Was thus obtained a victory over revisionism and centrism, whose “new” theories and conspiratorial silence contributed to the betrayal in Nepal and the destruction of MRI as the center of the international proletariat.

The events in Nepal with the fiasco of the involvement of revisionists in the government of the old rule of the exploiters, confirmed reports of revolutionary communists and centrists who destroyed the cherished illusions of hope in the theories put forward by Prachanda, while his party was friends with the old Marshall revisionist party which had demarcated years ago, joining the Communist Party of Nepal Unified (Maoist) – PCNU (M).

However, the triumph of revisionism Prachanda, not the end of the dispersion of the forces of international labor movement, but gave way to a new period whose main feature was the great ideological confusion and extreme dispersion of forces, which made ​​it impossible to immediately regroup in a new international conference as proposed by the UOC (MLM), raising the need to deploy the fight to allow the large grouping on the basis of the clarification provided by a proposal for the General Line International Communist Movement.

In fact, revisionism as the main danger to the unity of MCI, now has a new and more dangerous side in the theories of RCP whose new Constitution Manifesto and left behind their hesitation centrist and decided to give the theory of Marxism Leninism Maoism rejected as insufficient to address the problems of the “new wave of revolution” and has been overtaken by the so-called New Synthesis of Avakian, according to the RCP, USA has “Generated a radical new conception of communism.” With good reason the comrades of the Communist Party (Maoist) of Afghanistan have called post-Marxist-Leninist theory Maoist pacifist and humanist. A revisionist theory, more educated and better prepared that Prachanda and therefore more dangerous, even worse when you have not been thoroughly refuted, but denigrates the party that defends its hegemony in the MRI and the danger of their arguments.

As for revisionism PCNU (M), after being defeated in theory, now again become a danger, when political oxygen by some parties and supporters of the MRI, who hide their revisionist character and forgive his betrayal of the revolution excited about the existence of a so-called left, represented by Kiran and Gaurav Basanta, within the party. Evade the fact that these characters were advocates of “Prachanda Path” as a “development of Marxism,” defend “the comprehensive peace agreement” are responsible for the confinement of the People’s Liberation Army and the dismantling of popular power in the base support, participate and defend the State and the reactionary government of Nepal, were protagonists of the junction with the old Marshall revisionist party … well, evading the fact that such characters and such “left” are as responsible for the revisionism PCNU (M ) and the betrayal of the revolution as Prachanda and Battharai who foisted the responsibility. They delude themselves and mislead the proletariat as the differences in the dome of PCNU (M) are divergences within a revolutionary communist party, but within a revisionist party are differences between revisions. And even worse, evade the fact that the theories of PCNU (M) and its betrayal of the revolution in Nepal were the immediate cause of the collapse of MRI.

We find ourselves with an offensive of centrism that on the occasion of May last, failed to issue a Joint Statement signed in PCNU (M) [1] with which, in spite of correct statements, ends up joining with revisionism and forgive or justify the betrayal of the revolution in Nepal, in opposition to the Marxist Leninist Maoists. With the added difficulty that the Maoist Communist Party, Italy, the main character of this “unity” between Marxists and revisionists, stigmatizes the proletarian revolutionaries of dogmatic and sectarian, as do the revisionists, and shamelessly accused of settlement support as a objective fact, the debacle of the MRI.Centrism, as it has always done historically, ends up joining the fight revisionism and revolutionary Marxism. The signing of the Declaration by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) reflects vacillation and inconsistency in their correct principled struggle against the positions of PCNU (M) and helps to get air revisionism.

Centrism, the organization does desire unacceptable concessions, building in practice the metaphysical idea of “two come together in one” or “fusion of opposites” Prachanda, whose political consequences are disastrous for the International Communist Movement MRI redux, as if nothing had happened, and revisionist Marxists joining without boundaries, can only arise where more confusion, division and impotence. This Marxist conception of unity and purpose that can be explained that within the MRI that fateful conspiracy was admitted for a long time and never condemned as a betrayal of the “peace agreement” of 2006 in Nepal.

Amid this confusion has arisen a shade Marxist-Leninist Maoist struggle against revisionism and centrism. This nuance has different expressions in political parties and organizations of MCI and its tendency is strengthened because it represents, in general, the correct line in this struggle: the unity of MCI conceived as the result of deep boundary with revisionism and centrism conciliator; recognizes the merits of MRI and its collapse at the hands of revisionismhas identity in matters of great significance in relation to imperialism as the dying phase of capitalism, the current crisis, the objective force of the revolution as the mainstream, to the preparations a new imperialist world war … But, it also has differences on important issues such as the principal contradiction in the world, people’s war in the oppressed nations and the imperialist countries, the character of capitalism in the oppressed countries and other issues.

They are an expression of that hue, joint message to the Workers of the World, signed by the communists in Spain, France, Mexico, Panama and Colombia, and supported by comrades in other countries, also the joint declaration for a bright future of the proletariat by a First May Combative, signed by parties and organizations in Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil, messages broadcast on the occasion of May last, also of that hue makes the important statement of the Communist Party (Maoist) of Afghanistan on the Manifesto and Constitution of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA . The attacks of various parties and groups like the Revolutionary Communist Group of Colombia Primero de Mayo, the Maoist Communist Party, Italy in his dispute with the Communist Workers Union (MLM) and a notice published by the Peru People’s Movement with the signing of the Committee Central Communist Party of Peru in June this year, are a recognition of the existence of this nuance.

This situation shows the need MCI to strengthen the firm hue deepening the fight against the main post-MLM revisionism of the RCP and PCNU (M). But also against centrism conciliatory, and this is still a struggle within the Marxist Leninist Maoists, as is the fight against the “leftist” that even if an ally in the fight against revisionism, in some casescoincides with centrism in order to revive the MRI.

Overcome the situation of confusion and dispersion of MCI as a key link required to take the formulation of a general line for the Unity of the International Communist Movement, it aloneprovides a secure and consistent guidance to address the countless discussions, strengthen and give shade firmer a solid foundation for the unity of the Marxist Leninist Maoists in a newInternational.

Consistent with this, the Communist Workers Union (MLM) is to contribute to the formulation of the general line for the Unity of the International Communist Movement, taking as their main tasks at present internationalist. Call the Marxist-Leninist Maoists all countries to rely on the death rattle of imperialism continue to provide forces to advance the revolution in the world and allow time to recover from the defeat in Nepal. Calls to the detachments of the revolutionary proletariat to continue to promote joint political action, to continue working for closer ties and, above all, to work for the formulation of the general line, as this determines the conquest of the main strategic device to bury the imperialist capitalism and ensure thetriumph of the proletarian world revolution.

For the Communist International in New Type: Advance the Development of a general line for the Unity of the International Communist Movement!

IX Assembly “Comrade Cristián”

Communist Workers Union (MLM)

Colombia, June 2011

[1]The signers of the Declaration were:Maoist Communist Party, Italy, Maoist Communist Party, France, Maoist Communist Party, Turkey and North Kurdistan Revolutionary Communist Party, Canada, Communist Party of India (ML) Naxalbari, Communist Party of India (Maoist) Communist Party of Nepal Unified (Maoist) Communist Party of Bhutanese (MLM), the Committee of People’s Struggle “Manolo Bello”, Galicia – Spain.

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  1. It’s “Colombia”.

    “Columbia” is a University in New York City or a river in Washington state.

      1. Thank you for the correction. It is also “Galicia” not “Galecia”.

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