Maoist Road: International Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Review, Issue #0

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I intend to write an article in the next few days on the latest issue of Maoist Road and the latest developments in efforts to found a new RIM or an equivalent international organization. However, besides I do so I thought that I would make available most of the contents of the 1st issue of the magazine that was released in 2010 in several languages, but for some unknown reason the intended English edition has never made available. Maoist Road magazine was initiated by the Maoist Communist Party of Italy, Maoist Communist Party of France and the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey/North Kurdistan. The magazine groups invited organizations that were both inside and outside of the RIM, and some forces that do not adhere to Maoism at all like the Hoxhaite Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Turkey/North Kurdistan. The theme of the first issue, and the meeting, was the need to build Maoist parties in all countries, experiences and problems that had cropped up in the process of building such parties and the importance of the creation of mass organizations around youth and women’s movements. However, other contentious issues were raised and briefly discussed including 1) the question of electoral boycott; 2) the question of the universality of PPW; and 3) the question of modern fascism. The meeting did not intend to serve as a conference, and was not even a Maoist meeting per se, but rather a meeting to discuss the issues that have cropped up in the building of Maoist parties. Although, like previous meetings, the speaker from the Maoist Communist Party of Italy points out, that had been organized, these meetings were not simply supposed to serve as a discussion circle but also to facilitate the possibility of joint-work between different organizations and thus at even at this meeting there was proposal to to publish the documents and statements from the meeting in a review, to put out a May Day statement and to organize a protest in a particular city and to endorse the campaign to support the people’s war in India (see Introduction).

It is unfortunate that not all the contents of the first issue are available as I would love to have heard the contributions from the (new)Communist Party of Italy, the Peru People’s Movement and the Nepalese comrades. But I am glad that these and other comrades (several of these parties were not involved in the next issue of the magazine, whereas several others were like the Revolutionary Communist Party (Canada)) have taken part in this initiative to put out a seemingly annual Maoist magazine which hopefully will replace the already defunct “A World To Win” magazine). Furthermore, since the publication of this issue of the journal there was the publication of a joint-2011 International May Day statement that including several of the parties that have been involved in this journal and several other important Maoist parties around the world that opted to not be involved in the RIM like the CPI(Maoist) (this is despite the fact that the merger between the MCCI, a member party of the RIM, and the CPI(ML)[People’s War] was supposedly facilitated by the RIM). However, there remain several issues, including those mentioned above, that remain major obstacles for the reformation of a Maoist international organization besides the obvious one of summing up the RIM experience and reorganizing the structures of such an organization that does not allow for a national chauvinism, as practiced by the RCP,USA, to operate again.

Maoist Road: International Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Journal Review #0

International Meeting – Paris 30-31 January 2010: Texts and Actions

Invitation: Build Communist Parties in All Countries

Introduction: Maoist Communist Party of Italy


Maoist Communist Party – France

Approved Motion at the Meeting: Solidarity with the Haitian People!

Maoist Communist Party – Turkey and North Kurdistan

Maoist Communist Party – Italy 

Initiative for the Construction of the Revolutionary Communist Party – Austria

Peru People’s Movement

Proletarian Voice – France

Written Intervention Presented by the (new) Communist Party of Italy

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party – Turkey/North Kurdistan

Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement – Italy

Cultural Association of Immigrant Workers of Turkey

Youth Organization RedBlock – Italy

Comrade Shova, France-Nepal Solidarity Committee


Democratic Union of Youth – Turkey-North Kurdistan


Maoist Communist Party – France

Maoist Communist Party – Italy

Written Messages

Revolutionary Praxis – Great Britain

Democracy and Class Struggle – Great Britain

Messages of Support Received




International Appeal: Support the People’s War of India

International 1st May!


2 thoughts on “Maoist Road: International Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Review, Issue #0

  1. I don’t know what the problem is because I just re-downloaded the file from the blog and it opened up fine for me. So to just avoid a lot of hassle I have reposted the contents of their intervention below,

    Thank you for having invited us.
    First we would like to speak about our history. I think that you already know the Communist Marxist-Leninist Party. The MLKP was founded in 1994 but its history starts in 1968.
    The process of unification started for us in 1984, and was concluded 10 years later, after difficult years.
    Turkey and Kurdistan are the territories of our revolution and it is necessary to have a Communist party to carry out this revolution.
    The MLKP is not simply the name of a union of groups but of the unification of the forces which join their efforts to make revolution. After the constitution of the MLKP begins the process of the revolutionary action plan.
    We discussed about revisionism, treason in Albania and finally the problem of the revolution and the revolutionary communist party.
    It is important for the Party to be member of the International Communist Movement, but most important is to be able to carry out an independent revolutionary line, because we saw that the bond party/mother and party/child was not correct. While the Communists are creating a new world, it is very important that the relations between them be equal and communist.
    We said that in the past, the Communist parties can be criticised. The revolutionary parties must solve their divisions through discussion and if they are unable to do so, they must bring the problem on the international scene.
    For us, it is very important for the revolutionary and communist movement to act both on its own part and together, be firm on the ideological field and flexible in the field of revolutionary policy. Our theory shows us that we can carry out revolution alongside with other currents, but we must take into account the conditions of the revolution on the international level. It is the reason why we work a lot with other revolutionary groups.
    In short, today there are two important fields on the international level: the Balkans and the Middle East.
    In our fourth congress, our Party, we established that today, the revolutionary movement lives in an ideological chaos. Therefore, for the future revolutionary processes, it is important to discuss the experiments of socialism, to be able to understand why the revolutions were not successful.
    It should be said that it was the failure of revisionism, and it is necessary to explain all this with the working class, not in an intellectual style but, on the contrary, as a Communist revolutionary party fulfilling its duty in the class struggle.
    Our principle is to discuss the ideological problems within the party, but we think it necessary to discuss about socialism at the international level and we plan to bring all the revolutionary and Communists into this discussion.
    In short, on the questions which have been discussed here, the MLKP has several spheres of activity. Many Turkish and Kurdish immigrants live In Europe. In past times, for us Europe was the background of the fight, but today we think that this is not correct. The Communists must be the most advanced part in the class struggle where they live and the immigrants must also carry out their fight by belonging to the class struggle in the countries where they live. It is a need for the international communist movement.
    But as there are no strong revolutionary parties in Europe at the moment, it is difficult to organise the immigrants in Europe. For us, there are two reasons why it is necessary to organise the immigrants. The majority of the immigrants are sensitive to the political facts which occur in Turkey and in Northern Kurdistan and it is necessary to answer this sensitivity. Secondly, it is necessary to organise them in order to help them to take part in the class struggle in the countries in which they live. In all the countries where they are living. In all the countries where there is a Communist party ready to organise this process, we are ready to transmit our relations to these parties. But these conditions do not exist today, therefore the MLKP continues to organise the immigrants in Europe.
    One of the resolutions adopted at the last congress of our party is about women. Women have an important part to play in the development of our party, among executives as well.
    Our country is culturally backwards. If we leave women so, women on their own will, will not wish to advance. This is why the party adopted ìpositive actionî, by putting in quotas. Wherever it is possible, we try to constitute organisations with equal numbers of men and women. But if women do not reach the ideological, political, cultural level requested, it is necessary for them to work in the party.
    One of the important decisions which we made is for women to work independently, not ideological independence, but independence in their action.
    Youth are a very important field. We have an independent centre for young people who have their own congress, their own illegal organisation, their own publications, and they organise struggles independently from the party.
    Another decision of the congress is related to one of the questions discussed here. Our party does not consider the forms of fight mechanically, and our party consequently has decided to organise a legal party. The aim is to organise the masses which cannot take part in the illegal fights, with the armed struggle. But a party which today takes part in the elections cannot be named, Communist, our partyís name.
    Each form of fight implies risks. In revolts, too, obviously. A premature revolt is due to be defeated, a revolt at the wrong time can lead the party to death. Consequently, it is necessary to consider the forms of fight according to the moment, the place, etc
    After the failure of 1905, the Bolsheviks who took part in the elections at the duma did not lose anything of their revolutionary quality. In 1923, after the failure in Bulgaria, the party took part in the elections and thanks to this, developed.
    In order to conclude, we are not a Maoist party but in the international context we must fulfil our revolutionary functions with all the revolutionary parties, and especially with the Maoist parties, in order to develop our common struggle.
    For this reason, we must have ideological, antifascist, anti-imperialist, anti-chauvinistic discussions and debates. We think that there is no obstacle to a common struggle on these grounds, for relationship between friends and Comrades. We believe that to be ideologically homogeneous is not all. We also can see that some who are theoretically and ideologically close to us are not revolutionary in thir practise; they are mechanists, sectarian and they do not struggle.
    In our common fight, in the future, we wish you great success, and we wish this conference to be an important opportunity for the unity of the Maoists. Being a friendly party, we can see, from outside that the maoist parties approach divergences in a very sectarian way and they divide easily. Without going very far, we know the situation in our country very well, and we have no reason not to be with the Maoists in our country, but they do not even respect their own ideas and then, energy is divided. Our desire has been to express ourselves with frankness and in a friendly way on the above subject.
    With thanks to all.

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