Footnote 18

18     Brod is clearly a congenial idiot hailing from a long line of idiots of the first order who would have been better off counting the fins of the dull fish with which his name rhymes. Brod’s dive took place within the confines of a metal suit connected to an airhose. Assuming Brod was even receiving enough oxygen through his fragile lifeline to avoid brain damage, he had less than a slit of visibility through the poor quality glass of his face plate. Such visibility is, as I have previously pointed out while disposing of the mal-efficient Floxence, rendered moot by the silt content of the Moth anyway. I therefore have great difficulty believing his description of an “intricate device of communication that held me in thrall, the lithe sweep of tentacles forming signs and arcane letters that I could not decipher but nonetheless held me in awe of their magical meaning.” To which I reply: it’s the silt, man! The silt! Remember the silt before you fabricate outrageous lies. (This is good advice for any aspirating squidologist, I believe.) – Madnok, Frederick. King Squid: Being a Brief Monograph. Ambergis: F. Madnok Publishers, p. 27-28.


One thought on “Footnote 18

  1. Ahahahaha! I doubt any of your readers but a few of us will catch the reference. I laughed out loud upon reading this: you must be enjoying Vandermeer. “It’s the silt man, the silt!”

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