Basanta: Letter of Thanks

I recently posted the poster for an event that was being held in Toronto entitled, “Storming Mount Everest: Exploring Nepal’s Ongoing Revolution”. It was incredibly well attended for Toronto and the panelists provided an interesting overview of political developments in Nepal since the beginning of the peace process. One of the surprising and exciting introductory remarks that was read out was the following letter of thanks from Com. Basanta (UCPN(Maoist) – International Bureau). I have posted it below because it briefly speaks of the contradictions that have been developing in Nepal and because several people have asked to see it:

The event organizers,

Revolutionary Greetings!

Dear Comrades,

It has been for our party an encouraging moment to hear that pro-people and the anti-imperialist organizations in Canada PRAC-Toronto, OPIRG-Toronto, Canada South Asia Solidarity Association and ILPS – Canada have organized a program on March 2, 2011 at Toronto to support people’s revolution in Nepal and disseminate it among the revolutionary people in Canada. We would like to express many thanks to the comrades who have taken up this initiative: Storming Mount Everest, exploring Nepal’s ongoing revolution.


The New Democratic Revolution in Nepal is now at a serious crossroads of revolution and counter-revolution. People’s enemies – imperialists and mainly the Indian expansionists – and their puppets in Nepal have now stood up at a reactionary pole to crush people’s revolution. On the other, the process of polarization among the entire revolutionary, patriotic, left, progressive and democratic people also has been taking up momentum to build up a contending pole against the former. The contention between these two poles is leading towards its climax. People’s Federal Republic of Nepal is gestating in this contention. This in fact shows the challenges and the opportunities facing the revolution in Nepal, at present.

Opportunities can be realized into reality when the challenges are overcome. Nepalese people are committed to realizing the opportunities by overcoming the challenges under the leadership of our party, the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). Yet, the revolution in Nepal can emerge victorious only with the strong solidarity on the part of the international proletariat. The event you have organized expresses the internationalist proletarian solidarity to the revolution in Nepal. It is the collective fight on the part of the international proletariat that can foil enemy conspiracies, domestic or foreign, to make the revolution a success in Nepal.


The event you have organized marks the need of the day. We express strong solidarity with you and hope this programme will be a grand success. Please accept our red salute to it.

Date: February 28, 2011

Comradely Yours


(Politburo Member)

International Bureau

Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)


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