Rock n’ Roll Meets Biology: Bob Goldstein’s Posters

In the most recent issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education (yeah, I am quite embarrassed by the fact that I have started actually reading articles from this publication however, of late there have been a spate of articles about the need to re-think graduate education and the need to reorient graduate work towards the private sector rather than research jobs due to the obvious lack of tenure-track jobs which I have found interesting, especially in the context of the strike at York University regarding the issue of contract labour) there is an interesting article about Dr. Bob Goldstein, a Biology professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who having been inspired by recent rock n’ roll posters has incorporated many of the design elements they use in the production of posters for a recent distinguished professor lecture series that he was helping organize there. You can see some of them here. The results are quite amazing and appealing. Although I am not a biologist and probably would not understand a thing being said (then again I am pretty sure that my friends would definitively state that I wouldn’t understand a thing at a lecture in the subjects that I am writing my dissertation in either), I would go to a lecture with this kind of advertising. There has of course been an ever-growing number of academic communities such as Collapse (the unofficial journal of the Speculative Realist movement) and their mother-ship Urbanomic, the journal Farmani etc. that have similarly paid attention to the affective economies that they are part of. Perhaps its is time for a face-life for this blog?


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