New Afrikan Black Panther Party

Inspired by “The Speed of Dreams” blog, I am providing links for documents from the United Panther Movement , including the New Afrikan Black Panther Party – Rising Sun Press Vol. 1 2005-2008, a variety of documents from the New Afrikan Black Panther Party and fraternal organizations that comprise the United Panther Movement (below), and  a link to a book available from Kersplebedeb by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, the Minister of Defense of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party-Prison Chapter entitled, “Defying the Tomb”.

The United Panther Movement is an interesting movement as it is a multi-racial and multi-national movement which different national groups being organized into different organizations, whilst at the same time being part of a unified movement with common principles. The United Panther Movement is comprised of a series of fraternal organizations including the Red Heart Warrior Society, Black Brigade (which has transformed itself into the New Afrikan Service Organization which is a support organization for the NABPP), New Afrikan Black Panther Party and the White Panther Organization. It must be noted that the NABPP is a very different organization than the New Black Panther Party, and is more heavily theoretically indebted to Maoism and the original BPP ideology, whereas the New Black Panther Party is more indebted to the NOI (from what I understand). Unfortunately there is little information about the group online save a few interviews, the blog above and the website for The Revolutionary Initiative (Canada), a Maoist pre-party formation (it is not affiliated to the Revolutionary Communist Party (Canada) and differs from the RCP in several meaningful ways such as their repudiation of the urban PPW strategy and their advocacy of the October Road, their respective methods of organization etc). “The Speed of Dream” blog thankfully provides a thumbnail history of the Urban Panther Movement:

Rising Sun Press initially began in order to publish the newsletter The Wampum and other materials of the Lenape National Restoration Movement (LNRM). Those organizing The Wampum were soon contacted  by Native prisoners of other national backgrounds who were seeking aid in walking a traditional warriors path, and thus The Red Heart Warriors Society and its publication, The Red Heart Warrior, were born. Inspired by the RHWS, New Afrikan prisoners contacted Rising Sun Press to help them in forming their own warrior society based on African traditions. This lead to forming of the Black Brigade and its newsletter, Leviathan.

Out of the Black Brigade the New Afrikan Black Panther Party was formed by the work of Shaka Zulu and Kevin Rashid Johnson. Finally, white prisoners formed the White Panther Organization as a support group for the NABPP.

I have repeatedly called for the production of new revolutionary theory that can correctly learn and appreciate experiences and theoretical developments that are being made by a variety of different sources; and the United Panther Movement must be part of this process. Indeed, I find it odd that none of the American NCM organizations that have an online presence like RCP(USA), Kasama, FRSO (Left Refoundation), FRSO (Fight Back) or LRNA mention this organization in their literature. However, one can find some articles being printed in prison solidarity magazines which makes sense due to the presence of key figures like Kevin “Rashid” Johnson in the prison system.

From Kevin “Rashid” Johnson (NABPP-PC):

Kill Yourself or Liberate Yourself

Rashid art – Black Women

Rashid art – dreamers arise

Rashid art – NABBP George Jackson

From the NABPP-PC:

NABPP-PC 10 PP pamphlet, Right On 19

Right On 20, wanted poster

From the New Afrikan Service Organization:

NASO 10 PP pamphlet

NASO Charter Application, NASO pamphlet

Serve The People 09, Serve The People 10,

The “O” – Vol.1 No.5, The “O” – Vol.1 No.6,

The “O” – Vol.2 No.1, The “O” – Vol.3 No.2

From the White Panther Organization: The Liberator 14, The Liberator 15

From the Brown Panthers Organizing Committee: Libertad 03

From the Old South Organizing Committee: Old South Organizing Committee

Miscellaneous: Serve the People – 10, Pantherism by Tom Big Warrior, From the Belly of the Beast, Right On – 21


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