2nd Canadian Revolutionary Congress

The Revolutionary Communist Party (Canada) (it has no relationship to the RCP(USA) and does not ascribe to Bob Avakian’s “New Synthesis” and has continued to show support for the Filipino, Nepalese and Indian revolutions) and the only Maoist party in Canada is having the second Canadian Revolutionary Congress. Below is the call from the RCP(Canada) and the draft document that they will put forward at the Congress for debate and adoption by those assembled. There are a number of interesting plans that they put forward including the organization of an activist boycott campaign of the next electoral elections; for a revolutionary May Day in Toronto and Montreal (in the past the RCP(Canada) has been able to hold highly successful May Day events in Montreal in coalition with a diverse variety of groups including undocumented worker campaigns, anarchists etc); the formation of non-party activist cells that can work around campaigns and distribution of the newspaper Le Drapeau Rouge/The Red Flag; and the democratization of the editorial board of those newspapers as to reflect the diverse forces that they wish to include and organize into the activist cells (whilst not subsuming them to the discipline of the party).

The following call is an invitation to all revolutionaries, activists, proletarians and all collectives or groups of the extreme-left in Canada who aspire to build a genuine proletarian movement. A movement that will oppose the bourgeoisie, the capitalists and their power; a movement that will push forward the class struggle on completely new foundations. It is an invitation to debate and discuss the proposals contained in this declaration and establish some common perspectives for the purpose of unifying and mobilizing in Canada in the coming year. The call, initiated by the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP Canada), will be discussed at the Canadian Revolutionary Congress to be held in Toronto on December 11th. All those interested in participating can register by writing to info@pcr-rcp.ca.


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